Bloom Festival Updates and Info

There are so many things happening next weekend so we thought we would share some common answers to all of your questions. Are you sold out? 

Absolutely not, we have about 100 tickets left for the Sunday October 5th festival experience.

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Where & When is the Danielle Laporte Experience?

An evening with Danielle Laporte is being hosted at the Northlands Expo, Alberta Ballroom on Sunday October 5th at 6PM.

What time is the concert with MC Yogi on Sunday October 5th?

The concert will begin at 8:30pm at the Northlands Expo Center.

Where are the workshops being held on Saturday October 4th?

The are hosted at the Alfred Savage Center.

Where are the yoga workshops being hosted on Sunday October 5th?

All classes on Sunday October 5th that are a part of the Bloom festival weekend are hosted at Northlands Expo in the Alberta Ballroom and conference rooms.

Where & When is the BLOOM Opening Gala?

The Bloom Opening gala is being hosted at the Muttart Conservatory from 8PM-11:30PM on Friday October 3rd. Tickets are still available:

Is there yoga happening at the Opening Gala?

Nope, this is a no stretchy pant evening, date night, dance night, celebration time! Come have some fun with us!


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