Yoga Beyond the Mat [and Into the World] at BLOOM 2.014

Want to make an impact, but don't know where to start?

Start here, start now, with this session:

Yoga Beyond the Mat [and Into the World]

Yoginis Chelsey Smith, Mandy Trapp, and Meg Mielnichuk will share their inspiration for service, and current projects.

Be prepared to kick your mat aside and open up to new possibilities with Yoga Beyond the Mat! Be prepared to congregate and cultivate. Be prepared to share.

This session is interdependent and relies on your thoughts, dreams, and desires to add to dialogue about humanity and community. There is no need to bring a notebook, Special guest, Scott Meunier, will be providing graphic facilitation.

So, what should you bring?

 Check list below:

-Open heart, open mind

-Good vibes

-Bright ideas

-Willingness to share

-Desire to make change

 Come sit in our circle, meet new friends, find balance in connection, inspiration through story, clarity through expression, and empowerment to take action.

Yoga Beyond the Mat will help to plant the seeds.

It's Time.

To Bloom.